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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Yuko's Concert

I threw a concert for Yuko in Ogikubo. Follow the signs!

Yuko has the voice of an angel!

She sings in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish! Amazing!

After dinner, we posed for a picture on the way out.

We had shabu-shabu at the restaurant. It was delicious!

I have the BEST FRIENDS! Mutsuko told me for 2 weeks how much she was going to miss me!

And KAORI was in denial that I was actually leaving! When I said my final goodbyes to her the night before I actually left Tokyo, she asked me: "So I will meet you at 7pm tomorrow night in Roppongi, RIGHT???"

Filipe and Jerry. Filipe actually found me my apartment in Ogikubo. He and I became really good friends the last month I was in Tokyo. He is working on his Masters degree in Japanese history, and teaches English on the side. He is from Belgium. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolate! He speaks 5 or 6 maybe 7 (?) languages!

YUKO NUMBER 2!!! I had to keep my Yukos straight here, so Yuko #2 is even holding up 2 fingers for me so I'll remember! She and Tomoko have been best friends all of their lives! Since they were little girls!!
Mutsuko is a very tall!

Yuko's friend, the pianist, learned one of my favorite songs: "ROUTE 66" for the concert. She was GREAT!

I was the "MC" for the event.

We had around 20-25 people at the concert. One difference between Japanese people and Americans, is that Japanese people show up about 30 minutes "FASHIONABLY EARLY" to an event, while American's show up 20-30 minutes "fashionably late". This posed a unique problem for me, as I got to the concert hall about 15 minutes prior to the actual concert, and everyone was already there! I still had to set up drinks and food! Quite uncomfortable to say the least.


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