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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fresh Fish

You don't get any fresher than this! Keatley and I went to Akihabara, "electric city", where the streets go on forever in endless electronic stores, animae, and video game arcades. After walking about 5 miles, we decided to stop in for a bite to eat. The first place we went to was a 99Yen sushi restaurant, where they continuously put sushi on plates and then onto a conveyer belt. you pick up however many plates you want and pay 99Yen for it when you're finished. We left after a few minutes of painfully trying to figure out what was on those plates. It smelled funny in there, too.

Then we walked a little further and down some stairs into a basement pub. My Japanese is still terrible, so after digressing to sign language and asking doko eh sushi deska? The nice chef escorted us to an elevator nearby. He took us up 2 floors to this spectacular sushi restaurant! What an experience!

After feasting on fresh fish for 45 minutes or so, another couple requested an order for yellowtail. This he did not have already cut up, so he had to pull a WHOLE FISH from his special stash. We saw him wash it down, cut it up and make sushi out of it. This we had to try and it was the BEST SUSHI EVER!

Of course, I did not need to eat again for 2 days...


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