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This is a blog about an American law school student studying in Tokyo for the semester.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Temple University

Ahhhhh..... Starbucks!!!!! Believe it or not, Starbucks came to Tokyo with the business plan of being the "DISCOUNT COFFEE CHAIN!" Imagine that! That's how expensive coffee is here in Tokyo! Thanks to Boots, I brought a FRENCH PRESS with me and a bunch of ground coffee. I make my own coffee everyday and forego the over $5-$7 cup of coffee here.

Here is a random picture I put together when I was playing with my cell phone. I tried to email it to some people, but the format is not compatible with US technology.

YAHOO!!!! In Shibuya

Temple Campus in the snow...

Here is the campus in Tokyo! It's the big building behind the one facing the street. The one in front is a dry cleaners with an apartment on top.


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