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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Asakusa Shrine

After Jared and I visited the fish market, we were ready to do something else. Although we were quite tired (it was only 7:30, and already we had been up for 3 hours), we were not yet ready to go back to bed.

So we went to Tokyo's famous Asakusa Shrine! Yes, the big lantern you see on all of the postcards, you know the one! But Jared was ingenious enough to look at the underneath portion of the lantern, where sat this beautiful dragon! There were a few Japanese tourists behind us who wondered what the heck he was doing laying down on the ground to take a picture. Well, this is the result! Good work Mr. Photographer! So he's a chef, AND a photographer! Who knew?

The empty steel structures in front of the Asakusa gate is actually in preparation for the Cherry Blossom festival which is coming VERY SOON! Actually, the festival is scheduled for the last week of March. I can't wait!

While we walked back to the train station, I noticed this HUGE golden object on top of a building. I call it the BIG PEA...I'm sure that I am probably being irreverant to some group of people or culture, but that's the only thing I can think of! If someone reading this blog knows what this big golden structure is, please enlighten the rest of us!

Here is a beautiful mural on the wall of the Asakusa train station.


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