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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sunshine City

Sunshine City! Kristina and I wanted a little sunshine on such a rainy, dreary day. Come to find out, everyone else in Tokyo wanted sunshine that day, too. We were amazed at how many people were out, sloshing around in mud puddles and dodging umbrellas that day!

Here is GYOZA STADIUM! Where there are gyoza venders of every variety set up to sell you delicious gyoza treats. We had multi-colored gyoza, a pan of gyoza, and a gyoza fried dumpling thing-a-ma-jig that I can't really explain.

We then finished off our gyoza-feast with a trip to ICE CREAM CITY! YUM!

OK. So here is my toilet-horror story. I really don't like to squat into the Japanese toilet-holes in the floor, so I always look for the "western-style" seat. Here, at the end of our Namanja town-horror-city experience, I had to use the restroom. They had 4 toilet "holes", and 1 western style. I thought the monster behind the toilet was just some strange Japanese decoration to go along with the rest of the horror-town....WAS I WRONG!!!!

The MOMENT I started to get "comfortable" in the stall, the lights went out! A blacklight came on! A creepy voice started talking to me in Japanese! Ghosts started flying around the stall! ARGH!!!!!

I'm SCARRED FOR LIFE!!!! Can you imagine having this experience in the states?? Someone would go Elvis on the toilet and then a big lawsuit!


Anonymous Rachael said...

Hey.You're soooooooo(*continue of the o*) lucky!I wish i was there *cry*.as you might have guess it's Sharon's other daughter,rachael.I can't believe they did that to their bathroom. (o.O)That is the weridest thing I've ever heard about Japan.And I thought they could go past the porn vending machines.boy I was wrong.Have fun,and if you see anymemeber of L`Arc en Ciel (aka Hyde, Tetsu, Yuki, or Ken), KIDNAP THEM ALL!!!!!!!!they are the best in the world!! *huggles the plushies of larc found only inside my head & heart*

6:48 AM  

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