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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Aquarium in Ikebukuro (Sunshine City)

Below, you'll find some interesting pictures that we took at the Sunshine City Aquarium...

This is the creepiest thing I think I've seen yet (well, maybe it's a close second to the toilet in Namanjatown). This is a sea specimen that washed ashore in the 1950s or 1960s. It was already dead, but because it was unknown to the scientific community, they embarked on a long journey of research into the DEEP DEEP ocean...This creature measures over 30 feet long, and weighs several thousand pounds. It exists at a depth so far below the surface, that scientists were unaware that any life at all could exist so deep below. It is perfectly preserved in this display at the Aquarium. Pretty difficult to get a good shot with the camera, though.

Jared and I debated at length as to whether this was an anteater. You decide! I have no idea what the word meant in Japanese!

Armadillos chillin' among the foxes...

These marsupials looked like baby kangaroos to me!

Since I can't remember how to spell (aninamea), I'm going to just say: Here's some pretty sea life!

This fella was WEIRD! Here is a SUNFISH! He is VERY VERY VERY BIG! And it was kind of sad to see him in this display case, because he kept bumping into the walls. :-( They had plastic around the inside, so he wouldn't hurt himself, but obviously he's used to a lot more room! He measured 30 or so feet in diameter, and weighed over 2 tons!!!

Look closely! BABY NEMOS!!!!

This Penguin waddled all the way up to say hi, through a little window to the side of the display. He was so cute!

Got CRABS? This tank did! Wow! I'm getting hungry!!!


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