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Saturday, August 19, 2006


Wow. Wow. Wow.
Working with NikkoCitigroup was the best experience I could have ever asked for!
Akiko taught me so much about the industry. She helps with the legal aspects behind public offerings, and so much more. She also was a lot of fun to hang out with too!

My boss, Mark Hunsaker, is on the right. He was also my Securities Professor during the spring semester. I learned so much about the financial industry both in and out of the classroom, thanks to my Professor!

Yuka and Hiroko taught me everything I needed to know about derivative documentation. Well, they tried to teach me, but I kept having to ask them questions that were in the definitions. Oooooo that made Yuka so mad! Did you check the definitions? Right here. On page 37, it's right there!

Nicola was one of the new hires at NikkoCitigroup before I left. She's a British attorney.

Hiroko and Kayako took me to the fishing restaurant my last week I was in Tokyo.

Yuka, Akemi and Akiko: "Rachel why do you have to take so many pictures?"

Mark took all of us out to lunch my last day at NikkoCitigroup. We went to this fantastic Chinese restaurant in Akasaka. It was SO GOOD! The owner of the restaurant is a famous IRON CHEF! I had Peking Duck for the first time! It was absolutely incredible. I loved it! The food AND the company. It was such a perfect day!

The view from the 22nd floor of the Akasaka Park Building.

Dominique came to NikkoCitigroup with Niccola. Two English Soliciters hired at the same time. There are some great accents in the office!

Since our office was at the corner end of the building, there were different views from every office. PS...TBS is NOT Turner Broadcasting System. It's Tokyo Broadcasting System. A public channel on t.v.

This is the view from Akiko's view. She could see Tokyo Tower from her office!

Akemi was so much fun. She and I hung out a few times even outside work. We saw Mission Impossible 3 in Ginza. My boyfriend Tom did a great job!

Window washer outside my office. I thought it made a cool picture.

Hiroko and Kayako took me to dinner the last week I was at NikkoCitigroup. We went to the Zao: the fishing restaurant in Akasaka.

I liked this restaurant so much that I went to 3 locations of it. One in Kameido, one in Shinjuku and the last one in Akasaka!

Everyone who knows me knows that I like to meet people. This night at the fishing restaurant was no exception!

It was so much fun!

We ate this tuna's head! It looks really terrible, but it was delicious!
Hiroko is trying to convince me that the tuna's head will actually taste a LOT better than it looks!

Kayako taught the special fish. Everyone in the restaurant clapped for this lucky fish. We had them make it into sushi after.

Goodbye NikkoCitigroup! Thank you so much for such a great summer! I love you all!


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