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Monday, March 05, 2007

East meets West continued...

I am so thrilled to have made so many "lifetime" friends in Japan. In fact, Mutsuko and Tomoko chose to spend New Year's Eve with me in America! They flew into Miami on December 30th. I picked them up from the airport in a luxury rental car (leather seats, satellite radio, and a sun roof), we took a "midnight tour" of the city lights in downtown Miami, before trekking up to Gameworks to meet my boyfriend, Jared. There we had a very late dinner and played video games before hitting the road to Orlando.

In Orlando, we spent 3 days and 4 nights at Disney theme parks! On New Year's Eve, we hit MGM and then went back for an afternoon nap before party-time! When we got up, around 6pm, we were ready to go. The hotel concierge, told us we were crazy to think we could get into Epcot for New Year's Eve festivities, because Epcot had reached "maximum capacity" by 11am that day! Disappointed, we decided to go to Pleasure Island instead. Then, we discovered that it would cost $88 at the door just to get into the adult-bar-theme-park.

As is my usual form, I decided to take our "chances" and go to Epcot afterall. We then took a bus to Boardwalk, which I knew we could catch a water taxi from to get to Epcot. Finally, we ended up at Epcot around 10pm, and got in without a problem! That's the last time I'll listen to the hotel concierge!


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