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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Japanese Wedding in Yoyogi Park

When we came to the temple, a security guard asked us to step aside. What a treat to see a Japanese Wedding procession!

Notice the wedding dress. Wow. That must have cost a fortune! The groom wears funky pants, too! The wedding guests all follow suite behind the bride and groom as they walk in front of the temple. In Japan, the bride and groom spend a ton of money on buying gifts for each of the wedding guests. This is probably the number one expense of any Japanese wedding. Seems slightly backwards to me, since the bride and groom are just getting started with their life together!

Here they are in front of the Shinto Priest, who says a few short words, blesses them and then sends them on their way.

As we were walking up to the temple, we saw this car being driven up to a carport. 3 shinto priests performed a ritual blessing on the car for the bride and groom to wish them safe travels.

Perhaps Buddha is shining down his blessings on the bride and groom here, too!


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