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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sumo wrestler and more

We're on the way to DIAMON- to the Minato Ward City Hall. We have to register as aliens. This is a gateway on the way to the city hall.

The first week we were here, they had the Sumo Wrestling championship. Here is a Sumo Wrestler on the street. They're HUGE! I also saw one on TV trying to scarf down a bucket of noodles. That was very interesting. I probably could have sat in the bucket it was so big!!!

Here is another view from our apartment. We face a very busy street here in Japan, as well as a school. You can see Tokyo Tower from this window, as well, although not in this picture.

This is what "money" looks like in Japan. To be able to afford a house like this anywhere, you're looking at millions and millions of dollars. BANK! Just think of the skyrise they could build on this piece of land!

This is NOT a Japanese restaurant! (I thought it was when we were walking in Roppongi...) We were quite hungry, and it looked really cool from the outside. Once we got to the top of the stairs and started smelling incense and coins drop into a wooden box, we realized this was a Buddhist Temple.


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