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Thursday, February 16, 2006

More SHOJU please!

Here is my friend, Tom Weiss. I'm very jealous of Tom Weiss, because his Japanese is unbelievable. He spent a couple of years over here as an exchange student through the Rotary Club in high school! Very cool! Tom goes to Georgetown. Tom wants to stay in Japan and doesn't want to go back to the States. Tokyo has that affect on people! Here Tom is standing in front of a 15th century antique tapestry worth a few dollars, I'm sure.

We went to dinner at a local restaurant about a mile away from school. There were 5 of us, having a blast. When this nice Japanese local came to our table and offered us a bottle of SHOJU. This was my first experience with Shoju. It is not really sake, but not really liquor either. It's in-between. And it will *&^%$) you up if you're not careful! And the hangover is a &%#@#^(*!!! Of course, I would not know about this from personal experience!!! I would never.....!

Jeremy's japanese is also impressive. I like going out with Tom, Jeremy and Dan. I'm sure always to be understood. At least, I think.....it would be very easy for them to play tricks on me and interpret things incorrectly on purpose...maybe THAT'S why that Japanese man looked at me funny and asked if he could follow me home that night!!!! TOM!!!!!!!!!

Kristina likes to take advantage of Jeremy's language abilities, too...as you can see, her request for: "MORE SHOJU PLEASE!!!" paid off (below)...


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