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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tokyo Opera Tower. APPLE JAPAN!

Okay, in case I haven't had a chance to tell you viewing this blog personally, I have been interning at Apple, Japan! Apple is an awesome place to work! I work for Yosee-Sensei, who is a "BENGOSHI". Meaning, he is a fully licensed Japanese attorney. Yosee also went to Georgetown to get his LLM, and then he sat for the New York Bar, and passed it the first time. Needless to say, he is a very impressive man. He is also one of my East-West Negotiations professors. Why am I talking about Apple Japan with this picture? Because Apple Japan is located here. The Tokyo Opera Tower. They take up the top 4 floors of this building. This statute is in front of the Opera Tower.

This piece of art is very interesting. It stands 3 stories tall, and it's mouth moves. Actually, here is a big metal statute of a man in front of the Opera Tower. It is a common theme here in the building, if you'll notice below. There are statutes of men all over the building.

LOST IN TRANSLATION! At the top of Tokyo Opera Tower, (Apple takes up the top 4 floors of businesses, however, the 2 floors above Apple are restaurants), there is a chinese restaurant that we went to for lunch one day. This restaurant had an incredible view. Here you'll see the PARK HYATT, where they filmed Lost in Translation.

Here is the tallest building in Tokyo. The government center. They have a platform at the top where you can view the city. Don't count on ever seeing the end of the city, however, because to do that, you would have to be in space, or on a plane, very high up.

Here is another statute inside Tokyo Opera Tower, sticking with the common theme of men in metal...


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