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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Joe and I went to a mall in between Tokyo Dome and Palette Town. There was a huge pet store in the mall. On display here was what I called a "green tea" monkey! They really believe in incorporating green tea in pretty much any type of food or drink you can think of here. I guess this monkey had so much green tea it turned his hair! No, really, I have asked several locals here what kind of monkey this was, and no one seems to know. I do know this, however, he was very expensive!

I miss my bird, Mandy! Maybe this is her reincarnated.

The Japanese really dress up their dogs here. Look closely at this dog's paws. Yes. Shoes. This dog is wearing SHOES! I think I'll buy some for Max when I get home! He probably would not let me get them on!

oooo, creepy! This was part of the haunted section of Sunshine City.

This is the biggest rabbit I've ever seen. At LEAST 30 pounds! All it could do was lounge around it was so big and fat! And just as expensive as the green tea monkey!


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