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Friday, March 24, 2006

BIG BUDDHA (Daibutsu)

On Wednesday, Jared and I made the trek to Kamakura, where sits the BIG BUDDHA!

Seeing him up close and in person is surreal. Back in the States, we "rub the buddha's tummy" for good luck when we go to a chinese restaurant. But here, seeing him in all of his glory, with the daily offerings left at his feet, and all of the tourists and worshippers alike paying their hommage to Buddha here in Kamakura, makes any semblance of knowledge I had about the guy before seem feeble. There is a beautiful serenity around this statute. What it stands for and what it symbolizes are larger than life. I will never look at the happy-little chinese restaurant rendition of buddha the same again when I go for my sweet and sour pork in the States. My experience here has changed me.

Jared was so happy to meet Buddha! He asked him for guidance. Whether he should be with this crazy tour-guide forever? What will he do with me?

I could not be happier than traveling the world with my man! We're both global now!

Here we are in front of Buddha. I guess Buddha told Jared he should stick with Julie the cruise director after all!

He wears very big shoes, too. He makes Shaq look like a baby!!!

A beautiful temple in Kamakura.


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