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Saturday, March 25, 2006

St. Patrick's Day in Harajuku

So many of you sent me emails on my "Harajuku Goth" post, that I decided to have more fun in Harajuku on St. Patrick's Day!

Believe it or not, even though these girls are dressed to kill in really great costumes, they are actually painfully shy! They don't "mind" having their picture taken, however, you can tell that they do have to overcome some kind of shyness within to do it!

The bunny suit is a favorite in Harajuku. Everytime I go, there is someone wearing a bunny suit.

This guy was sitting by himself, but you could tell it was by choice. He was probably waiting for 2 or 3 hotties to join him after the parade.

These girls were fun. Dan took these pictures of me with the other Harajuku kids,

but then he wanted to get a picture with these girls too. He's a little weird sometimes, as you can see in the picture. You don't have to fake the smile, Dan!

Dan's friend teaches school in the States. She sent him this toy that the kids made. He takes it with him all around the world and takes pictures with it. He then emails the pictures back to his friend and she shows her students where in the world the doll is at the moment.

Here are some famous dogs that were in the parade. This is before the parade started. The owner of the dogs had them "chillin'" taking pictures in the sun with their sunglasses on. It was quite a sight! Most dog owners here in Tokyo dress their dogs in appearal everyday. Some even wear shoes!

Marching band

These girls were a little cold marching in the parade.

The tallest Japanese person I've ever seen!

Unicycle (background)


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