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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Girl's Day

Girl's Day! March 3rd (I'm a little behind in uploading my pictures), was Alisha's day. No, not her birthday, but GIRL'S DAY! Here is a little history behind Girl's day...

The 3rd of March - (by the Solar Calendar) is called "Hina-no-Sekku","Hina-Matsuri" (Doll's
Festival) or "Momo-no-Sekku" (Peach blossom's Festival) which used to be one of the important
seasonal events of ancient China and has now developed into a function symbolic of Japanese arts
and customs and has been in existence in Japan since the Edo Period (17 - 19 centuries).

Momo-no-Sekku used to be held on the 3rd of March according to the Lunar Calendar, though today it is actually not until early April that the peach blossoms begin to bloom, and that is how the name of this festival came about.

On this day families with young daughters celebrate this event at home to ensure their daughter's future happiness. That is, they decorate hina-Ningyo (special, beautiful dolls which are replicas of an ancient emperor and empress and their subordinates).

We ate special sushi. It was so pretty, it was almost a sin to eat it! We had fun...

Hideki and I enjoyed the sushi. It was superb!

And we all know how much Hideki likes his sushi! Here is an example of the what I refer to as the "sushi towers" at a local conveyer-belt sushi restaurant in Kameido that we visited a few months back...
From 3 to 4 towers. They just keep building and building!

Okay! Can we go home now? I've had enough sushi!!!


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