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Monday, March 27, 2006

Saturday night in Meguro

Here are some friends that Joe and I met on Saturday night at a pub in Meguro, 3 stations away from Azabu-Juban, where I live in Tokyo.

Shin, on my left, is the tallest Japanese man I've seen yet in Tokyo! He was almost 7 feet tall! He tells me that he is a retired Japanese basketball player. I got his autograph, just in case he was telling the truth! Shin's name means "tall" in Japanese. So I called him Tall all night. I called his friend Mickey, to go along with the shirt he was wearing. They thought it was funny. We played darts. And I beat Joe "again." He gets so mad at me when I hit the bullseye! On my right is Joe's sensei: Tomoko. I know a lot of women here named Tomoko! Depending on the Kanji, it can mean "friend" in Japanese. Joe is on my far right.

Here is Joe and Tomoko, before we played darts. We went to a conveyer-belt sushi restaurant with Kristina and Jeremy.


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