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Monday, March 27, 2006


When we got off of the pirate ship, we landed in the quaint town of Hakone, at the bottom of the mountain we had been traveling up all day. Denise and I posed in front of a red archway before we got on the bus to go to the castle.

Here we are: Tomoko, Denise and me, at the sulfer springs. They boil eggs here in the hotsprings. However, the sulfer content is so high that the eggs come out BLACK! They are a popular treat for tourists. I had a bite myself. It tasted very similar to a hard boiled egg. Go figure!

The skilift.

Japanese girls we traveled with on the skilift. They screached whenever it looked like we were very high above the ground, which was basically the entire time. Next time I'll bring earplugs!

Tomoko and Tiffany.

Waterfall near Hakone noodle shop.

This is the PIRATE SHIP we took to get across the bay to Hakone!

Kristina and me in front of the pirate ship, ready to disembark.

The "bow" of the pirate ship. I'm not up on my pirateship terminology. Is this the hull?


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