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Friday, February 24, 2006


Each year, in February (this year, February 3rd), there is a special day called: SENTSUBUN. This day is symbolic to the Japanese culturally. The Japanese do 3 specific things on this day in accordance to tradition. 1) They throw beans at the monsters in their house, basically across the threshhold of their door, while chanting "go away, demon! go away!", and after they chase the monsters out of their houses (symbolically), they then 2) eat sushi facing the southeast (to watch for the good spirits to come), and 3) they do not say anything (they must eat in complete silence), until everyone has finished their sushi roll.

The convenience stores all around town sell special sushi rolls for this event as well as special masks worn by members of the family to commerate this event.

Here Nick and Amy prepare peanuts and beans to throw at their uncle who will pose as the demon. They prepare "most" of the peanuts, it's okay to eat some in the meantime!

Peace, Man! YO YO!

Demon go away! Demon go away! Come spring, come spring! Come good spirits to our house!

Warding off the demons is hard work! Time for some french fries!


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