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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Through the Zojoji Door to the city

Through the Red Door to the city.

Here is what looked like to be the gateway to a memorial for children.

A close up of the memorial. I could not tell if it was for children to express their worship to Buddha, or if it was for parents who wish to remember their own children. I did see a father with his daughter in front of one of the dolls.

Inside the shrine was serene. It was oppulant- all of the gold and insense. I put 100Yen in the box myself in hopes of making one of my wishes come true, but I am not sure how the whole thing works. If my wish does come true, I'm sure it was the 100Yen piece! I may have to consider converting to Buddhism.

Here is an example of the "old with the new." All around Tokyo there are old buildings and temples mixed in with skyscrapers. This is the spirit of Tokyo.


Anonymous Kristina said...

The memorial actually commemorates babies who died in childbirth or through abortion, which makes it a little less touching to me.

8:34 AM  

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