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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Another trip to Kameido. I pass this sushi restaurant when I get off of the JR line, on my way to tutor. At the beginning of the night, they have take-out sushi for sale for 700Yen a box.

Alesha shows me the proper yoga position.

I try to imitate, but I am not quite as good as my sensei. And my meditation face needs some work

Here is a parking deck (Tokyo-style). Everyone rides bikes here, from their home to the train station. The bike decks are several stories high and are monitored by a security attendant. The bikes may be parked "on top" of each other in these unique slots.

At the end of the night, as I pass the same take-out sushi, it has been marked down 200Yen as a discount. Maybe if I left a little later, it would be half-price. I don't think it's quite as fresh as the 700Yen sushi!


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