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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Here are some remnants of my Hakone trip as seen from my camera phone and also a little help from http://www.greggman.com/japan/hakone/hakone.htm to explain the phenomenon of the BLACK EGG....read on!

The famous black eggs of Hakone are chicken eggs. What makes them black is they are actually cooked in the geysers. If you climb up the mountain a little ways there are holes in the ground with super boiling water. The water looks light bluish green. Almost like a milky bluish jade green and it looks HOT!!!

We rode these cable cars up the mountain to the pirate ships awaiting us below...

The train that we took to get to Hakone had a "WOMEN ONLY" car. Japanese men have been known to "grope" women. As this practice is unwelcomed by most women (most of the time), some of the metros felt a need to make the women more comfortable and create a men-free zone. This was more needed back in the 1970's and 1980's when women were less revered in Japanese society. As equal rights have progressed in Japan, however, these women-only carts have become more of an anomile. Men know better now. If a man tries to grope a woman on a train car today, a woman can yell "CHIKAN!" and everyone on the train turns around to see who the "pervert" is. In Japan, no one wants to be yelled at in a train! Much less be called a perve!
mmmmmmm...black eggs!!!....deliche!
Sakura in Hakone...
The famous Hakone Castle
My friend Denise, who had to go back to the States. :-( She has promised to come back and visit!
Tomoko and I have decided to take pirate lessons...
But Kris Justice needs no lessons! He is a pirate by heart!

Remembering Tokyo Dome City. What a ride!


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