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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Joypolis, Mori Tower and Smiley Kids

This is the most famous building in my little section of town. It's called the MORI TOWER. But what I didn't realize is that the Mori buildings are numerous throughout Japan. I went to meet some friends one night at a Sake tasting and got off at the wrong train exit when I first came to Japan. After wandering around aimlessly, and upon asking several locals where the "mori building" was, I discovered to my dismay that I was lost. Finding one lone Mori Tower in Japan, without more information as to its location, is like finding a lone Mcdonald's, without more than its name, in any city in the US, as there are 1000's. However, this one IS the most famous in Roppongi, and it is close to where I live (if ever you see it on a postcard...)
I went to an italian restaurant one night in Azabu Juban, and saw that they were running a special on "lobster" that evening. I decided to try it, because I've never had lobster for under $12....well, you get what you pay for. These were "baby lobsters." In the States, we call these fellas SHRIMP!
Ever heard of blowfish? Well, if it's not cooked properly, it can KILL YOU! Of course people with gobs of money love to eat this stuff as it is a delicacy. In the really fancy restaurants, the sous chef actually tries a bite before he serves it, just in case it may kill a customer upon consumption. To make sure he's cooked it right. I guess this is one way being a chef can be a deadly profession. I will tell Jared not to work in a restaurant as chef if they serve blowfish. Every year, 3 or 4 people die from eating the stuff! You think they would learn!!!
Here are two children I taught at "smiley kids." Not really taught, more like babysat. When I left work the second day, I vowed never to return to this place near Chiba. Not only was the job not worth my time and effort, but when I left, I had been bitten, kicked, spit on, hair pulled, and more. And I got sick 2 days later from a kid who sneezed on me. Fun. Real fun. I think I'll stick to my clients in Kameido and around Tokyo. They're great! The two kids pictured here, however, were rather cute. One is actually a child-actor. He speaks great English and was really well-behaved. He was cute. The little girl was very special too. But the other kids? I think I'll stay home next time. Ask any of my other clients, and they will tell you. I love kids! But these kids near Chiba were not the norm!

Here are some remnants of Joypolis! This is a special floor that you walk on and make music. Also it looks like water when you walk around it.


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