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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Disney Sea


Here we went to Disney Sea. A spinoff of Disney. A theme park about mermaids, lagoons, volcanoes and everything "under the sea".... and more. It was great...for the most part.

My friends, Kristina, Tomoko, Mutsuko, Joe, Jerry and I all went to the park for a day. A Saturday. The beginning of GOLDEN WEEK. We were thinking of going to Disneyland instead, but given the inevitable crowds, we picked Disney Sea instead, as it is more of an "adult" theme park...
When we first got there, we saw a huge globe. This globe has running water all over it. It's quite unique, in that the water stays on the globe somehow, defying gravity on its way down.
Goofy was cool. The mouse ears that I found were quite appropriate. It had 2 words on it: "makin' music"....haha. I come to the other side of the world, and see my name (spelled a little different), with the little southern " ' " apostrophe at the end....
We also saw a broadway play there too. It was one of my favorite parts. It was a 30 minute production of all of the famous songs from about 12-different broadway plays. However, one of the singers was a really bad Japanese lip-syncher...
Posin' by the clock...

We tried to get a picture of this volcano in action. This was the "journey to the center of the earth" ride. Throughout the day, you could hear the rumblings of the volcano, as it was about to erupt. But whenever the actual "blast" occurred, we never got the right timing to take a good picture.

Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom was a cool ride. But many of these rides felt like adult-versions of "its a small world"...they have (as Kristina would say: KAWAII) cutesy-little renditions of the actual scenery and event-creations and main actors, but none of it is really scary, or goes very fast to give much of a thrill. I kept looking for the "adult" in this themepark, but didn't really find it.

Here, notice how happy Kristina and I are!

We did have an awesome time, though! JERRY and TOMOKO and MUTSUKO and KRISTINA are SO COOL!!!! Here is the tower of terror!!! Very scary! It won't be ready until the fall, though.

A jeep came barrelling out of the CENTER OF THE EARTH ride.

The Disney tram had mickey ears!
Kristina and I get along very well. We both know what's important in a trip to Disney! RUM!!! Clear, looks like water! Makes goofy look goofiER!

She really got into the drums! This was the best Marinachi band I've ever seen at a themepark! Everyone is just so HAPPY!
Joe feels like the king of the universe in the middle of 4 women.

In the "Arabian" section of Disney Sea, they had a 3-d Aladdin show, and other Arabian sites, including this magical rope. This was just before it started pouring down rain.
Here is Ariel's show. If you look real close at this picture, you can see her picture. The show was a live production of "part of your world" and "under the sea"

Here's Mutsuko! She works for one of my favorite places! LUSH! They're all over Japan. I love lush. She brings me Lush presents sometimes. My favorite!


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