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This is a blog about an American law school student studying in Tokyo for the semester.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Here is Naomi and Nick. Naomi is the one who found my profile online. She even spent some time in the states. On Fridays, she helps with the lesson plan, by translating important concepts in Japanese so the kids understand them. Here is Nick. Nick is my sensei- who teaches me Kanji. Nick's skills are far superior to mine, but I'm trying!

Amy, Nick and Alisha, all like to take breaks to make funny faces for the camera.

After the lesson, Sonya is always very hospitable in serving me dinner. Here we have Nabe, with chicken balls and oysters and mushrooms and cabbage and....

Another night, we had CRABS! They were excellent! Uncle Dennis brought the crabs up in a big white icebox and we had a feast.

Uncle Dennis plays with Alisha. He taught me how to eat crabs Osaka-style. You take the crab, suck the head and legs, and push through the meat with chopstix. I opted to eat it the traditional American-style, and they thought I was crazy. And way too dainty with my manners. I'm sure I missed out on some good "juice", but then again, I don't suck the heads on crawfish, either.


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