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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Tunnel

When I get off the train on Tuesdays and Fridays, I walk about 3 blocks until I get to this tunnel. I go through this tunnel to get to the neighborhood to tutor. This is a good example of the size-discrepancy between Japanese and foreigners. I actually have to duck a little in order to walk through! While most other people can ride a bike and even lift their arms over their head as they walk through the tunnel.

The train tracks are above and when a train is passing overhead, the entire tunnel shakes. But the construction is solid. I never fear that something will happen. But then again, I haven't walked through the tunnel during an earthquake.

Here is the main cobble-stone street in Kameido. The town is full of personality!

Here is a close up of Sonya's steller Nabe! She puts fresh shrimp and dumplings and many other things in it. I need to take this recipe back to the States!

Here is a quaint little restaurant in Kameido that I pass on the way to tutor. I like this lantern. I think it says Kirin? But I'm not sure.


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