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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

私輪尾ばあさん  My Grandmother

My Grandmother. Louise Fletcher Eyster. This is her jogging in 1974. The year I was born! Isn't she absolutely beautiful? This is how I will always remember her. Her smile. Her mind. Her propensity for generosity and sincere concern for her beloved family and also the world around her. YES I AM A DEMOCRAT! Just like my smart Grandmother, who always had good, intelligently informed reasons for why she was voting with the Democratic Party. This was a point of contention with many of her family members who chose the Republican route.

I love my Grandmother. I am glad that she is no longer in pain. I hope that she is looking down on me from heaven with a smile. I feel that she wanted me to pursue my dreams and goals. I hope that I someday hold half of the qualities my Grandmother possessed. She read two literary works a week. She emailed me 4 years ago. (It was so cute. She actually got frustrated when she thought it took so long to send and receive email. For she thought she had to turn the computer off and then back on again for an email to be sent or for her to receive one in return.) I still have her emails, thus, I will never discontinue my patronage to Yahoo! email.

I love my Grandmother. The life she lived, the memories that will continue to live on. I will honor her by telling my children about her. I will honor her with my life. I will strive to be the woman that she was. Thank you, Grandmother, for having me in your life. Thank you for loving me and for giving me so much. I will make you proud!


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