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Monday, June 12, 2006

Sex and the City

Everyone loves a good television show. My favorite was the HBO smash hit: SEX AND THE CITY. Of course, the names and faces are different here, but many constants remain. For example: Girlfriends in Tokyo can talk about boys all day long and never tire. Drinks are a must, and Tokyo is a booming metropolis where fashion, fun and even freaks abound. Here, my two best girlfriends here in Tokyo: Mutsuko and Tomoko, decided to venture to Roppongi Hills on a beautiful Sunday where we watched the Da Vinci Code, ate tex-mex and tofu ice cream!
On the main Roppongi drag, I saw a sheepdog that reminded me of my precious Max. I miss my dog very much, so this Sheepdog was a great surprise!
The previous week, we had fun in Ogikubo. We went to dinner, had a slumber party and ate at Denny's the next morning.
My friends were impressed with my bartending abilities. We went to ZEST Tex-Mex, and ordered a piture of margaritas. I asked the bartender to bring us a couple of "extras" for the piture and turned it into my infamous italian-texas margaritas! they were great! Afterwards Mutsuko said with a smile: I'm tipsy! And it's great!
Later, we had starbucks coffee. I was shopping for a special rolling stones cd for Jared's friend: Peter. He's going to be so happy that I found it! Or shall I say "them" because I found more than one rare import for him that can't be found in the US.
We took this picture near the TV Asahi station. There are special glass-looking pieces of art that make for great pictures!
After visiting the Da Vinci Code museum at the Mori Tower in Roppongi, we stopped by "Tokyo View" for a drink before going to see the movie. Here you can see for miles and miles.

I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi and bought this AWESOME Kabuki-teddy bear. He's so adorable! You can take the face and jacket off to see the cute little collectible teddy underneath. One of a kind bear!

Here is the GIANT SPIDER in Roppongi at the Mori Tower. Crazy art! I hate spiders, but this one was fun to stand underneath!
CHEERS! Here's to another fantastic day of SEX AND THE CITY! More to come! We plan to go to Kyoto the first week in July together!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! When are you coming home?

I got your message sorry I could not reach you sooner but I have been with family and besides I prefered to talk to you on the phone. I have so much to tell you. Some how I was going to contact Jared and find out how that would be possible. Hurry come home already you had enough fun. I can't wait to catch up with you, I hate typing I would like to hear your voice. Have fun but come home!!!!!!!
Krystle C.

10:35 AM  

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