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Monday, June 26, 2006

Fool's Pool!

We played "fool's pool", where certain "amendments" were made to the normal rules of pool play, per Yossi's instructions. None of us wanted to argue with the GC of Apple though! I'm afraid my negotiation skills are not at his level. Besides, the newly agreed-to rules worked in my favor anyway! Not to mention Kaori's favor, Tomoko's favor, Akemi's favor and Mutsuko's favor, as we are all amateurs in the sport.

In "pool's fools", we are allowed to put the queue ball anywhere on the table if another player scratches. On our particular table, in fact, hitting the eight ball in before it's due did not actually lose you the game, just your turn. And yet, one final obvious observation was the fact that the "helper sticks" get used a little more in Japan than in the United States, due to the mere fact that Japanese people are just plain smaller than Americans, and thus, they cannot reach as far on the pool table. (It's so cute!)

Tomoko just made a shot!
Kaori didn't realize I was so camera-happy that night. We definitely had a good time!

Going out with friends. What could be better? Here is my new friend KAT. Actually, he said I could call him "Kat", after I demolished his given name 4 or 5 times.

MAGIC! The Magician! One of Yossi's friends was a magician! He was fantastic! He performed a 30 minute magic show for us and he was great!

Out in Ogikubo. My friend Yossi brought some of his friends to meet some of my friends. The night was great! We listened to live jazz music and then played "fool's pool..."

One of my favorite pictures of Mutsuko. She and Tomoko and I have been having such a blast touring Tokyo!

Here is my friend Reiko. I worked with her at Apple. She brought a friend along to meet me one night in Kichijoji on my way home from Kameido.

After "fool's pool" in Ogikubo, we hit Shibuya the next night. We played some more fool's pool, and then some fooseball!


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